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Morgan County Business District Rules & Regulations

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The following Rules and Regulations for the Miller County Business District have been adopted and are implemented.

1. The Morgan County Business District shall be managed by an Advisory Board and operated as a political subdivision.

2. The Advisory Board  members must be current on collecting  and remitting the lodging tax.

3. The election of the Business District will be held with businesses that collect and remit the lodging tax shall be conducted annually, pursuant to RSMo 67.1175.

4. The Morgan County Commission may appoint a member to serve as a non-voting, advisory member.

5. There shall be an agreement in place between the Advisory Board, County Collector and the Morgan County Commission for the collection and remittance of the tax to the Advisory Board.

6. The tax collected by the County Collector shall be remitted to the Advisory Board of the district not later than thirty (30) days following the end of any calendar quarter.

7. The County Collector shall retain, on behalf of the county, two percent for the cost of collection.

8. It shall be the responsibility of the Advisory Board of the district to enforce the collection of the lodging tax and pay all costs of collection. Written announcements and requests for payment shall originate at the Business District level.

9. A Budget Officer from the Business District level shall be named annually.  All bills will be reviewed by the Business District Advisory Board.

10. Bookkeeper prepared checks for invoices shall be dated ON or AFTER the Business District has met and approved payment, not the day the check is cut.

11. The Morgan County Business District protects their lodging members’ privacy by not sharing e-mail addresses with solicitors, vendors, other lodging members, or the public at large.

12. Advisory Board Meeting Attendance-If is it recorded that a director on the Morgan Advisory Board has missed three (3) meetings in a calendar year, members of the Morgan County Business District Advisory Board, on behalf of membership, shall request the resignation of that board member. The request shall be in writing to the elected representative. The Advisory Board member shall then have the opportunity to make a written appeal to the full advisory board and explain the reasons for being absent. The Advisory Board of Morgan Business District, at this discretion, may waive the rule of absenteeism following the appeal. Should the Advisory Board of Morgan Business District continue to request the resignation, the representative may appeal to the Morgan County lodging members for a vote of yay or nay or, must resign and the Advisory Board shall hold a special election to fill the vacant seat per the guidelines of the Morgan Business District Bylaws.

13. The Morgan Business District Advisory Board may elect to hold their Advisory Board meetings virtually. If the Advisory Board does meet virtually, the meeting notice must identify how the meeting will be conducted, as well as instructions explaining how the public may observe. 

Adopted by the Morgan County Business District on 29th day of March 2022.

Revised August 17th, 2022. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to remove/delete the previous #11 that stated a Tri-County Lodging employee may be a signature on the Business District Accounts at the August 17th, 2022, Advisory Board meeting.